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Magnet Mounting Disc

Magnet Mounting DiscThis steel, 1.50" diameter Magnet Mounting Disc is backed with 3M-VHB adhesive, and is colored Black. It allows you to mount the Mobius camera (using one of the Pro Packages) to any non-metallic surface by just simply peeling and sticking to any non-magnetic surface. Example; car dash board, plastic or fiberglass body of vehicle, top More Info »
Price: $4.95


USB-OTG-1USB-OTG Cable Cable is used to connect the Mobius camera to an Android phone that supports host mode. More information to come.
Price: $9.50$8.50

Video/Audio-Out Cable

Video-Out Cbl-2Mobius Video & Audio Out Cable. More info to come.
Price: $11.50$9.50

Universal Helmet Mount

Universal Helmet Mount (Side Mount)This mount can be used mount to the side or top of a helmet/surface. This mount utilizes the standard tripod thread to mount to the camera. The base is flat and has 3M-VHB adhesive, it will contour slightly to a curved surface. It also has an adjustable Velcro strap which can be used to mount More Info »
Price: $19.95$16.95

Magnet Mounting Clip

Mobius Magnet Clip MountSimply sliding the Magnet Mounting Clip over the brim or visor of a hat allows you to quickly and easily mount the Mobius Actioncam (using the Pro Package) as a wearable camera. Its two leaf design allows you to bend one of the leafs for optimal pointing based on how you might wear your hat. More Info »
Price: $19.95

Weather Cover w/Replaceable Windows

Mobius Weather Cover        This silicone Weather Cover with replaceable windows helps keep the Mobius ActionCam clean and dry in messy conditions such as rain,¬†snow, mud, dust, etc. Yet allows activation of the buttons as well as visibility of LED's. The cover also helps to protect your camera from shock or impact from dropping. It More Info »
Price: $21.95$19.95